Spotlight by Toluwalase Fowowe


The spot shines
White and hot
Intense and sullen
Thrusting me in to infamy

The spot shows no mercy
It gives no time to prepare
No time to be readied
And at the loud bang
I must perform

I am either set
Or I am not set
And as the white heat
Blares down on me
I must perform

I was not set that once
When the bang came
And the spot shone
When she shrivelled her face
At the sight of mine

I was not set again
When the light blared
And the cue was mine
When my absence
Made her heart grow colder

I envied my shadow
In those moments
Wherein I was not set
I, a shield from the heat,
a reluctant entertainer

Maybe I will be ready
When next the spot comes
Or maybe I will not
Maybe I will own the light
Or maybe I will finally burn.

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