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Real Me by Oyinkansola Alausa


I’m a black childWith lots of dream and aspirationBorn into polygamyNot by choice, but by force I am that child who replaces worry with solitudeWhere I turn my words and feeling to creative insightsA gift giving to me by God to manufacture wingsAs I run on my heels Gift to inspire hope and saturate courageLines that are too plain to wake and make youmight not be buoyant but words help to...

Pencilmarks and Scribbles Magazine Issue 2.


This is the second edition of our bi-yearly e-magazine aimed to showcase the literary works of the talented writers that we’ve had the privilege of publishing. It is a collection of poems and short stories titled “The Ease in Defeat”. We’ve handpicked these stories with love and hope it resonates with you. You can read and share by clicking on the link below.

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There are not enough Poems about Love by Betini Udo


In the smallness of my grief, I hold all that we used to be. Broken vows and playlists  I do not listen to anymore.  In the smallness of my grief, I hold who I used to be with you And what I am now without.  A shadow lurking in your corner, Hoping the light of your smile  Will bring to the surface my humanness. I hold in the smallness of my grief All that I remember of you...

The Adventurous Metropolis Part 2 by Barakah Alim


‘Kedu bu nke a!’ The driver roared, amidst hitting the air bag, and halting the car. I opened my eyes lids, and sat upright, to comprehend the situation. Before I could fathom the ongoing event, a man from a bus passed across ours, fumingly opened the car and ranted insults on the driver. He is the conductor of the bus, as there is still another man behind the static wheel, gesturing at our car...

My fears by Erinayo (Mifewrites) Olagunju


My fears finally came true Maybe I should blame myself for not believing in you Or to blame my heart for falling too soon I am short of words Having no idea how to express my thoughts You were my own kind of inspiration Yet still the source of my confusion  You heightened my happy mood Making me forget where I stood Then you left me confused Not knowing why I was fighting my muse My one in a...

Ghost by Sayofunmi (Asteriqq) Soyewo


Falling for the lady by the coast Separated by the sea Across and out of reach On whose face a smile breaks out at the sight of another Whose heart dances to the song of someone not me Leaving my heart in despair’s grip As my heart breaks by the tip Falling for the lady on the other side Separated by a veil of mixed feelings The one my heart sings for The one who is but isn’t The one...

Guilty by Grace Abbah


My name is Effy and this is my story.My childhood was not normal. I remember moving across various states for one reason or the other. So making friends wasn’t really necessary because I know I might leave pretty soon. But everything changed when we moved to Lagos.During one of the Christmas holiday, I boarded a bus going to Yaba to buy some Christmas wears and that’s where I met...

The Adventurous Metropolis by Barakah Alim


‘If you perceive me behave cynically, Lagos turned me so.’ ************** ‘Park 2, Park 2, Park 2.’ The conductor on the approaching bus, yelled. I waved my hand to stop it. I lifted my heavy luggage to board it, the unnerving conductor scorning at me. ‘This is Lagos, alaye enter, make una hurry.’‘May you please help me with the luggage? It is quite heavy. ’He lifted my luggage and threw it in...

The Achilles Heel (Chapter 1, part 1) by Ojuolape Amusa


This is the first chapter of this book by the author, go check out their profile for more. ….. “E ra ata e se be!”The pepper hawker chants with a bowl of spices heavily rested on her head and flies hovering around her as she treads through the market amid several hawkers. It’s a sunny morning at Obanikoro market, as always. The road has many potholes, but people and...

Who will console you well enough? (part 2) by Victor Ola-Matthew


You don’t want your relatives coming around because death is not another reason to party like it is ninety nine. Aunt Christabel arrives first, her silver rosary inconspicuous against her pink blouse and blue wrapper she is putting on. Her makeup reminds you of the village and earlier images of the deceased before you were born in the photo albums; her very thinly drawn eyebrows, amateurly...


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