That day in the Summer

That day in the cold
Stood Annie anything but old
Spirit as sharp as knife
Soul fearless with no strife
The women three.
Came and told fate to little Annie
And though frightened she was
They echoed death that would be all
So little Annie ran home and with pen and paper wrote
As the witches had echoed
Death will come for us all
One day in the spring winter or fall

Time passed and little Annie grew.

Quite fair and radiant too.
Annie became a dancer
From France to Greece to Scotland
Annie was unstoppable.
She danced on bridges even chairs and tables
Annie brought people together just by her smile

She lived well for a long long time

And one day after Annie had grown old
In the heat of the summer unlike she was told
Death did come and knock on her door
And that night the heavy rain did pour
Her daughter tried to keep her but Annie smiled
“I’ve lived my darling that’s the whole point of life

Keep no enemies harbour no strife

Death will come for us all

One day in the spring winter or fall”

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By clarajack


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