Last Rays by Tenebris


Things look darker now

The sights that used to brighten my days

Are now the causes for clouds above my head

The sounds I loved to listen to

Are now nothing but static in my ears

The supple skin I loved rubbing my hands on

Now feels like I’m simply rubbing an ice cold stone

You’re here yet not

I smile at your actions

Yet you’re no longer the focus of my attention

I try to act cool at everything

Yet I’m scared

At myself?

At you?

I don’t know

We’re going seperate ways yet you can’t even sense it

It makes me think

Was everything we went through just a fleeting moment

A figment of my imagination?

Do I love you?

I don’t know

Can I be without you?

I can’t imagine it 

Yet something seems to be slipping out of my hands

I sit and watch the sun set 

It’s fading last rays 

Mirroring your lights fading in me

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By clarajack


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