Be Whole by Oyinkansola Alausa


Its okay to cry your eyes out

But believe everything will turn out well

Rekindle old flames, accepting them as flaws

Let your eyes so glimmer

That the mirror sees you as a competition

You are so brave and full of potentials

You can be whoever you want to beTake a look at yourself

You’re whole , alive and beautifully made

Put the worries aside

That puzzle will be solved

The bruise, it will heal

The scars , they will fade

Be stranded with courage

Let it erupt your body

Uphold faith like a shield

And corner distress with rythmn

Dim bad energies

They can’t Be your refuge

They’ll only be fogs in your way

Producing logs that will stall your path

Holding on to animosity

Is like letting a thing live rent free in your head

Betray your mind

Portray hope

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By clarajack


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