Life of Fear by Toluwalase Fowowe


When I was Seven years old

I got acquainted to real fear

Through the flash of a cane

As it whipped past my ear

No harm was done to me

It didn’t stop my real tears

What was this new feeling?

What was this new frontier ?

As I cowered from the cane

This new feeling became clear

When I was Seventeen years old

I grew accustomed to more fear

Had gotten used to that emotion

The infamous one of yesteryear

But I saw it through a car light In my eye as I sat in the rear

What was this new feeling,

That emanated from the gear?

As the cars made impact

I felt the feeling so severe

When I am Infinity years old

I will be engulfed in more fear

Compounded ten times over

All throughout the years

And as aged as I will be

As wrinkled as I will appear

The feeling’ll still haunt me

Affecting my relationships and career And will still be a new feeling

That guides the ship I steer

What will make it new this time ?

That much is unclear

What remains crystal clear is, I will never get used to fear.

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