Resonance by Maureen Itah



“If you must blink, do it now,” lest you miss a moment.

A tiny stone strategically cast unto a water body can cause the most unexpected ripples. And this will probably be the closest I would get to dabbling with a body of water that is not a 9 feet swimming pool.

“Resonance”– the sound or vibration produced in an object by sound or vibrations of a similar frequency from another object.

It is how a sense of calm surrounded the sound of Jorja Smith’s voice and how in tune I am with the words to her songs. made me feel.

It is how the notes from the lyrics beautifully woven and sung by Faouzia reverberated and engulfed the fibres of my heart and almost always brought me to tears.

“Resonance”– the power to bring images or feelings into the mind of a person reading or listening.

“My spirit just agreed with hers,” this was what I mostly said whenever I came across someone new. It was how I have and will always feel about Dua Lipa even as we were thousands of miles and oceans apart. It always felt like if we ever meet, we would be such goods friends.

It was how I feel connected to Allie from “the notebook” and how she felt and loved Noah. Unbridled, full-on and charged.

It was how convinced I was that Diane from the show “blackish” is my spirit animal. 

Resonance was how being friends with a certain someone came so easy, just as easy as the almost constant and sometimes explosive fights. It was as though we were one heart that thought alike, felt the same things, hurt the same way, and had the same fears. Everything all at once. Like two peas in a pod plus one heart.

It is how my spirit always felt at home with yours, and yours with mine. No matter the circumstance, our spirits constantly yearned and longed for each other, to be in the tight embrace of each other. You would almost be certain that they never belonged anywhere else but together and intertwined.

“Resonance”– the constant subtle yet wild prickly feeling, that enveloped and wrapped me in a jolt-like yet a most comforting way whenever I felt. “Felt”, translating to love, whether towards a person, music, a work of art, maybe anger in relation to love. 

It was much like the felling you get from goosebumps but from something beautiful, like from  a strong and overwhelming sense of a rather engulfing and growing bond. A connectedness that creeps up and seeps into your heart and makes it swell like how butterflies should feel.


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