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There’s No Gift That is Just a Gift by Maria Oluwabukunmi Oni


  I open my bag for some change to pay the fare. It’s missing something- my purse. My little one is looking at me as I ransack the small leather thing, upturning its content on my lap. A piece of wax crayon rolls to the floor. She doesn’t pick it up. I look at her and say with my eyes, where’s my purse? She looks innocently back at me. I take her bear-shaped bag...

Sincerely, Nonso by Omowero Agbor


SINCERELY, NONSO BY OMOWERO AGBOR Sade’s greatest weakness will always be her expectations. She expects her friends to see through her thin attempts at happiness and still let her be. She expects that kindness and inquisitiveness will speak for interest and determination. She wants her lovers to be kinder, her reflection to praise, not haunt. She hopes the books she reads will heal her; the shows...



My brother was going to be beaten to death today, and I wish I didn’t have to go home to watch this. Jama was always quiet but he was life itself. He would laugh at every joke, funny or not, and smile 5 minutes into a conversation with anyone. Mind you he wasn’t trying to be nice or considerate. It was just who he was and everyone loved him for it, everyone but him. My father. He considered Jama...



GUESSING GAME BY TOLU FOWOWE Suddenly out of the blue and into the empty classroom came the dashing damsel herself, as ever with her flowing brown hair and those eyes, sure fire proof that a God must exist. And if God existed, what she did next seemed to constitute sure fire proof that He despised me, when she ambled around the room briefly before deciding on sitting at the exact desk I was sat...

Grey Matter by Irenosen Akharele


  I have always wondered what it would be like to eat my brain. Not in a suicidal way or a scientific way, its more a thing of idle fascination.    I imagine it will be a rainy day and I will be dressed in pink, craving something warm. My thing of interest is my ss2 biology notebook with the pages filled in ugly, barely legible chicken scratches with interesting information about...

Yearning Soul by Onyemauche Jessica


Today, I rebuke two distant lovers. They are too immersed in each other but they refuse to be together. They reek of selfishness. Even the stark man who lives close to the bakery can perceive foul odor. Selfish and ignorant. My brothers and sisters are not rebound material. You better find your way back to the one life feels empty without. The audacity to speak to my sisters, contrast them to...

Resonance by Maureen Itah


RESONANCE “If you must blink, do it now,” lest you miss a moment. A tiny stone strategically cast unto a water body can cause the most unexpected ripples. And this will probably be the closest I would get to dabbling with a body of water that is not a 9 feet swimming pool. “Resonance”– the sound or vibration produced in an object by sound or vibrations of a similar frequency from another...

Quicksand by Joy Humphrey


“Do you remember the feeling of walking under water?” “Yes.” “It’s hard right? But it’s possible. Deep breaths. “Now have you ever gotten stuck in quicksand?” “No.” “It’s impossible, isn’t it? It feels as though you’re trapped with no way out.” Eyes closed. Hands trembling. “That’s how I feel most of the time.” It took a lot to get here. Two months precisely. Two months of staring at each other...



  For eons, people in love have written the most captivating songs, poems and stories about the ones they love; their muses. They sing or speak of unthinkable things that would happen should something happen to the love of their lives or the bond they have. Many a writer have ended reality itself in an attempt to portray just how much they love their “baby”.    I draw...

From Dust to Dial Tone by Riian


“I need a roommate, only because the rent just increased and I’m not ready to move out of this house” She said to her mother over the phone. They continued their conversation and she promised to call her and give updates.    Dropping her phone on the dining table, she walks to the kitchen to prepare a bowl of noodles and bites into a cookie while doing that. Her phone makes a...


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