An Overthinker’s Guide to Starting Afresh by Amirah


One of the many ways Fola liked to enjoy her nights was ensuring she ate something “sweet” to end the day, it didn’t matter if she spent the entire day stuffing her face in confections, she just had to munch on something sweet at the end of the day. Luckily for her, she always had a stash of sweetmeats by her bedside drawer. Stuffing her hand in the drawer and Rummaging through the endless...

Real Me by Oyinkansola Alausa


I’m a black childWith lots of dream and aspirationBorn into polygamyNot by choice, but by force I am that child who replaces worry with solitudeWhere I turn my words and feeling to creative insightsA gift giving to me by God to manufacture wingsAs I run on my heels Gift to inspire hope and saturate courageLines that are too plain to wake and make youmight not be buoyant but words help to...

Be Whole by Oyinkansola Alausa


Its okay to cry your eyes out But believe everything will turn out well Rekindle old flames, accepting them as flaws Let your eyes so glimmer That the mirror sees you as a competition You are so brave and full of potentials You can be whoever you want to beTake a look at yourself You’re whole , alive and beautifully made Put the worries aside That puzzle will be solved The bruise, it will...

Trying to Find Me by Emmanuella Abasiekong


My love is no longer unconditional You must pass the test to get a taste of how it feels to be loved by me. The midnight texts, calls or even the appearance in poetry, these are things I just can’t give freely. I have been broken too many times to even give you a piece of me. So the little I have left, I’m trying so hard to protect. Please respect my space and give me peace Because I...


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