The Heart and The Mind by Mila


My heart is a brain if it feels right I don’t have to think about it,
But for every dumb decision my heart’s made, it’s my actual brain that’s dealt with every bit,
With every beat of my heart, my mind grows weary with thoughts,
Like I decide to wear my heart on my sleeves and my brain thinks of what if I get a slit on the wrist?
Or if I’m ever left with a heavy heart will I still be able to throw a fist?
With everything that eats into my mind it seems like my heart gets to feast,
On what the mind’s undecided, the heart has a list,
The heart seeks intimacy but for the Love of Christ! My mind thinks of betrayal every time I’m kissed,
The fact that the heart wants to chase childhood dreams makes my mind lose it,
Because the brain doesn’t trust none that isn’t lucid.

The heart and mind are at war,
The heart fights to grow,
Whilst the latter keeps score.

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By clarajack


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